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December 17, 2012

Reservation in promotion will break the Society

Reservation in promotion bill is currently being discussed in the Parliament and there is no doubt it will get through even after opposition from certain quarters. I don't understand the whole logic behind the reservation in promotion. I am very clear in my mind that reservation should help uplift the destitute in our society. And it is a fact that Dalits in this country are at a receiving end since times immemorial. Nothing has changed for them even till now. I strongly believe that they should get proper care and treatment from the government, and this shouldn't be seen as a charitable act from any government. This is their right and we should learn to respect it. My only point is that why on earth people who are already in jobs need reservation in promotion. Reservation was introduced to take care of marginalized sections of society. Once you availed the benefits of reservation and got a job, you become equal to other people in the society and then it is your duty to get promotion on merit rather than expecting it again through reservation policy. It is really wrong on part of central government to introduce such a bill in the parliament. It is highly undemocratic stance of the government and we should not support such type of acts of government. Why reservation to all those who already got reservation? Why not take care of others even from Dalit community who are still far behind from normal life of society. This scheme may benefit few thousand people in society, whereas a proper policy to uplift all the destitute sections of the society is the need of the hour. Now even conditions of few of the upper castes are not so good in different parts of the country. What different political parties are doing for them? Nothing. It is really sad that BJP, the chief opposition party of the country is silent on this subject. Although it had stalled the parliament on various issues, which may be proven wrong in near future because most of them were based just on assumptions. Now quota in promotion is becoming a reality and BJP is watching silently. The party used to dub various policies of the present government as anti-national and anti-people but now it is silent and doing cheap vote-bank politics like other parties. Reservation in education and jobs has been going on for decades but it has clearly failed to uplift the downtrodden sections of the society. It clearly shows that our efforts were not made in the right direction. We don’t need further reservation but yes, we need proper implementation of policies to change the situation at grass roots. If policies are implemented properly, such discrepancies can be eradicated in next 20 years. I am not exaggerating facts. Let us assume that all the children of destitute sections of society had been educated properly and after 20 years most of them will get good jobs and this whole non-sense of divide in the society can be prevented. If you cannot do so then implement 100% reservation in all sectors, including education and jobs, on the basis of percentage share of different communities of the society. In that case, no one would oppose such policies because everybody will be entitled to reservation, as per their population in society.