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November 16, 2009

Whom to believe in today's world?

It seems that the elected ministers work for their own betterment. All ministers are not corrupt. But in today's scenario, we can't trust any leader. Hopefully, the young ministers of India won't take the shortest route to achieve success.

AT PRESENT, when there is recession, cost-cutting and many more difficulties for common man, people obviously require help from the government for a smooth life by getting good opportunities for their livelihood. However, when we hear and see the scandal and cheating done by the ministers, how can we trust them?

If you see the recent scandal of 400 crore which took place in Jharkhand state, we all feel ashamed that we, the common people of India have chosen such type of leaders for serving the nation and people. However, it appears that instead of serving the people they serve themselves.

I am referring to the scandal created by Madhu Koda, the ex-CM of Jharkand. We selected him as a leader and a representative for our better future, but all went in vain and such type of output was produced. When a person with span of just two years can make such a huge amount of money, what about the people who are involved in such scams for long period?

Jharkhand is actually a beautiful state with all sorts of natural resources and raw materials. It can provide lots of opportunities for young blood with jobs and creative activities. But after Jharkhand started progressing, the politicians there have ruined the state with all sorts of mis-use of power.

I am not only telling about this particular case. There are many such cases if we see or try to remove the buried cases. Some cases have been closed and some are buried which are still running in the court with pending decision. People become old and die without getting justice. This particular case might have been highlighted due to some dispute with the minister and his partners. Such facts come out in such a way only, but by that time it is too late and the damage is already done to the country and common people.

Can you believe the amount of scam…400 crore! How can a person get such a huge amount in such a short tenure? Don’t you think that due to such ministers the common man has lost faith in our government and tries to get a short route for his success? Due to these things the job opportunities are also less and people join Naxal route which, from their point of view is justified. If ministers in white-collars can cheat people and collect such a huge fund for their betterment, then Naxals are far better compared to them. They at least provide opportunities to their people and fight for their rights till their last blood. A common man pays all sorts of taxes which are levied by the government but still there is no protection for him, but such ministers are provided security with black cats and various other amenities. Where do these come from? Don’t you think it is because common people have to sacrifice?

Why are minister’s assets not checked fully? Even after disclosing their assets how come such huge funds are collected within a short period by them? What sort of measures does the government take for them? If a common person even steals some valuable he is treated as if he has committed a great sin. When such ministers make such huge grave mistakes, are they getting the same punishment? If not, then why? These ministers should be handed over to common people for punishment. Due to such type of ministers the common people also cannot do anything because they have compromised with their lives. The major problem in India is people get motivated with sweet words and promises which are never fulfilled by these ministers.

Just imagine what could have been done with the amount of 400 crore? We could have created better infrastructure and more jobs and opportunities which we need very strongly in the present scenario. Think about the people who are fighting day and night for our safety and life in the border. What do they get in life by doing so…nothing? Do you think they get good remuneration? No, not at all…yet they prefer to do their job. They love the country and the people that is what they get attracted to such jobs and fight till their last blood. But what happens after they retire or they die fighting in the battle field? Why are they or their families not given better opportunities? Nobody cares for them. These amounts should be utilised for such people who have struggled a lot, not for themselves, but for us. It will be better if they come back and we send such type of ministers in the border for fighting for our country. Do you think they will fight? No they won’t… Instead, they will sell our country one day. The person who can betray his own state can betray his country at any time. But we still prefer to choose them as leaders instead of some good and clean people.

What are we running for? Are we going to take this money, name and fame with us? Has God sent us to earth for such type of duties to perform? This is a clear sign of mankind coming to an end.

All ministers are not corrupt. But in today’s scenario you cannot trust any leader. Hope some good examples are followed and the youth of India do not take the shortest route to achieve success.

At the end I would like to say that this is not a revolt statement against any government. It should also think, if we have brought it into power, we are expecting some good measures from them. They should think and perform better for our country.

MNS: Is there any remedy for these hooligans?

INDIAN POLITICS has been on an indecent track over the years but what has transpired over the last few years has left no room for hope for the largest democracy in the world. Those involved in the business of politics have made it a ‘business’ in true sense- to gain mileage at any cost. These so called leaders of the nation never hesitate a bit from inciting trouble for their personal gains. One such turbulent political outfit is Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) led by a political misfit Raj Thackeray whose sole agenda is to create an atmosphere of disbelief and chaos.

Living by its promise, the newly elected MNS members in Maharashtra State Assembly tarnished the state’s credentials as a progressive state committed to moderate politics. Certain MNS members misbehaved with state Samajwadi Party (SP) chief Abu Asim Azmi when he began taking his oath in Hindi during the swearing in ceremony of newly elected representatives, which according to MNS was an insult to the Marathi Manoos. This incident yet again created Hindi-Marathi divide, which has been the top priority of Raj Thackeray.

The tussle between Azmi and MNS chief Raj Thackeray on the Hindi-Marathi issue had been in the air for the last few days and as soon as Azmi started his oath in Hindi, this incident happened. The MNS members snatched the mike from him and Ram Kadam sighting this as an opportunity to hog limelight slapped the SP leader. Is it not the Talibanisation in the Indian context? Where does this lead to?

This condemnable act of indecent behaviour sent shock waves through political circles and as a result, the state assembly passed a resolution suspending the four legislators - Shishir Shinde, Vasant Gite, Ramesh Wanjale and Ram Kadam for four years. But the question remains- is this punishment sufficient for the unruly behaviour of these political goons and will it have any impact on their future misbehaviours?

Raj Tahkrey and his party MNS have become a thorn in the flesh for Indian democracy and pose a serious threat to the integrity and democratic value of the country. Vandalism and street-fighting are the trade mark of MNS but this time around they stepped a little ahead to bring shame to the Maharashtra Assembly. MNS has time and again attacked the federal structure of the country by resorting to violence. All these instances of heinous acts prove to be an attack on the soul of Mother India and pose ominous signs for the eternal humanity and integrity of the nation.

Kadam, who slapped Azmi, claimed that the Samajwadi Party leader insulted Maharashtrians by taking the oath in Hindi. But what has his party done in its protest against our national language-Hindi. Are they not insulting Mother India by their condemnable acts? The motto behind all these is clear- to achieve the maximum political mileage.

It is quite painful and shocking in the way this whole act has been staged. If an elected legislator is not safe in speaking his mother tongue, then one could imagine the grave circumstances this may have. This should force our policy makers to think where this politics is heading to?

India has been a land of unified diversity. We speak different languages and yet we are all bound with a cohesive force and proud to be Indians. But unfortunately, this peace has been endangered lately on different fronts, be it communalism, regionalism, or any other, and MNS is one of the flag bearers in this aspect. The need of the hour is that all such political misfits and hooligans should be dealt with strictly and brought to book. God knows what the future holds for this country.

Google penalised for fake social profile, fined

The Brazilian formula one racer Ruben Barrichello had alleged in his petition filed in a court that, the social networking portal Orkut, an arm of Google, has uploaded his bogus personal profile. Google was made to pay him damages worth $ 500,000.

IN A historic judgement of its kind, a court in Brazil has ordered the world leading internet company and search engine Google, to pay $ 500,000 as damages to a Brazilian formula one player Ruben Barrichello.

The fine, according to experts, is the highest of its kind in the world and has been given in regard to internet defamation. The Brazilian formula one racer Ruben Barrichello had alleged in his petition filed in a court that, the social networking portal Orkut, an arm of Google, has uploaded his bogus personal profile. The profile had resulted in defaming his personality and name across the world. The legal case was filled in the year 2006.

The fifteenth District Court in the Brazilian city Sao Paulo, found the internet giant Google, guilty of infringement of law, as it is the owner of the web portal Orkut and manages all its operations and held it responsible for damaging the name of the petitioner Ruben Barrichello. The judgement was made public on Monday, November 9, through a government gazette.

According to a source, there are anywhere around 289 to 320 fake social profiles of Ruben Barrichello on Orkut.

Against whom is MNS waging this?

SHIV SENA is now waking up after having been shaken up from the bottom. The old tiger is actually afraid of losing its hold on the Marathi manoos, the concept that was brought into existence by Shiv Sena and now is being used more aggressively by its newest rival, Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS). Raj Thackeray, who chose to leave Shiv Sena in January 2006, founded his own party Maharashtra Navnirman Sena in the month of July in the same year.

Having started his political career with Shiv Sena, all that Raj Thackeray had witnessed was indeed the Marathi manoos agenda! Some might have an argument that there wasn’t any need for him to stick to the same agenda, but they need to understand here that this was the agenda that had given him the identity he carried with himself. And it is very difficult to reestablish yourself in politics, especially when you have just broken off from one of the major players in your region.

Shiv Sena had not recovered from the sufferings of the Lok Sabha elections when came another shocker for the party. Maharashtra assembly results were more than insulting for a party like Shiv Sena that had managed to keep its hold intact in Maharashtra. MNS is said to have been the cause of Shiv Sena’s loss in at least 28 constituencies, plus the 13 seats that MNS won and the scenario would have been different if Raj would have been with Shiv Sena adding another five to seven seats to Shiv Sena’s account. So, the sum total would have been somewhere close to 90.Yes, Shiv Sena and Bharatiya Janata Party could have had a chance of coming to power and keep the Congress-National Communist Party alliance from their hat trick. But what happened was a nightmare for Shiv Sena.

Like any other party, Shiv Sena was searching for that one opportunity to show it to the people that the Marathi manoos agenda is still its property. And, none other than the master blaster was its first target.

Sachin completed 20 years of cricket. A pride to all Indians, this God of cricket said that he plays for India, not for Maharashtra or Mumbai...said that he is proud of being a Maharashtrian and a Mumbaikar, but is an Indian first…and said that Mumbai is for all.

For us, it is perfectly fine, isn’t it?

But for Shiv Sena, who was just searching for a chance to show its presence, this was the golden opportunity. Bal Thackeray, the chief of Shiv Sena advised Sachin not to lose what he has achieved on the cricket pitch in an attempt of playing on the political pitch. ‘Stay out of political conflicts’ is what Bal Thackeray means.

This agenda of fighting for Marathi manoos is now taking a weird turn in which one can see people fighting with Marathi manoos himself. Against whom is this war being called up? And for whom?

Both these political parties might or might not gain what they want out of this agenda, but the Marathi manoos is not gaining anything for sure.