October 24, 2010

Population stability to remain a pipedream for India

IT REFERS to reports that India has to push back target of achieving population-stability from earlier 2045 to now 2070 when total fertility rate (TFR) continues at 2.8 per cent. All existing or demanded cast-based and other ‘reserved’ categories should be replaced with an altogether new category of those with up to two children.

It is unfortunate that tax-payers’ hard-earned money is being swallowed by people, who instead of limiting family-expenses by birth-control, cry for more subsidies and facilities at government-expense. Instead of wasting money on family-planning programmes, government should rather save public-money by inducing disincentives for persons with large families. All government facilities and subsidies like reservation, medical, ration, government jobs or promotions should be withdrawn on having a third child in the family.

Women going for deliveries in private or government hospitals may be compulsorily sterilised on birth of second child. Only persons with up to two children should be allowed to contest elections. Even idea of snatching voting rights from persons with more than two children can be considered after some time of introducing above-mentioned steps.