January 20, 2010

Amar Singh-Away from the limelight?

AMAR SINGH’S resignation from all party posts was accepted by the Samajwadi Party President Mulayam Singh Yadav. Earlier, Amar Singh told the media that he was tired with the day to day activities of the party and could not handle the pressure and he wanted to devote time to his family.

It was not easy for him as he has been serving the Samajwadi party, and all the responsibilities were on his shoulders. It became too much to bear. He also revealed to the media that his two friends, who had stood by him all through were
Amitabh Bachchan and Anil Ambani family.

It is not easy to leave the limelight of Indian politics as you are always in the news and in the thick of things. It is not easy giving up the celebrity status. But I think Amar Singh should stick to his guns and leave the political scene and concentrate on the home front, which means giving time to his family which he said that he regretted not doing earlier.

Amar Singh was really the face of the Samajwadi party, and he had done lot for the party. He did a lot for his constituency as well as indirectly the country. It should be nice to leave on a good note than joining other parties like the Congress or NCP.

Derecognising deemed universities: Government

A DAY after Central government submitted an affidavit to snatch the accreditation of 44 deemed universities spread across India in the honourable Supreme Court, it had said interest of the students would be taken care of and there is no move from government to play with, and jeopardise the career of the lakhs of student studying in these universities.

Addressing media persons on the issue, Cabinet Minister for Human Resource and Development Kapil Sibal said, "We are going to take care of all students and government's intention is not to put any student in problem. All students will get a university degree. Technically, we haven't derecognised any deemed university. We have moved the Supreme Court with an affidavit and a report by the expert committee on deemed universities.”

Till Tuesday (January 19) morning, there was an uncertainty and nervousness among the students and pall of gloom was clearly noticed, as derecognising universities would have left many students in darkness. Nevertheless, with government coming forward to rescue these students, a ray of hope has emerged.

It is really a commendable move from the government, students eager to study and willing to excel in life would definitely study and it is not their fault if an existing deemed university is blacklisted or snatched off its accreditation in the middle of the academic session. Government should ensure that universities offering education meet government guidelines.

January 14, 2010

Delayed Justice

ALL THOSE, who have been following the Ruchika case, might have noticed the change in the former state police chief SPS Rathore's expression. Initially when he was convicted of the crime which incidentally took place almost 20 years ago, he was smiling and looking smug, confident that an influential man like him could get away with it.

Its not that the law or the government made or would have made any effort to meet out justice in this case. It was the sheer courage and determination of the people involved, Ruchika’s parents and her friend, that the pressure was put upon the government to take a stand. Left to our legal system the trial would have taken another couple of decades.

If truth be said and properly investigated there will be much more that will come out of this case. Why should he be tried again, he was convicted, so why don't they just try him on the new FIRs registered and work fast to at least guarantee him a life imprisonment if not the death sentence.

Another thing we don’t understand is the anticipatory bail brought time and again before the court. He doesn’t deserve it. Also, what about all the officials who have served him over the years and influenced the case from the beginning. What about the officials, who mentally and physically tortured the family in the initial stages of the investigation.

Police officials are supposed to protect us and not take advantage of us. I don't think that Ruchika’s family is so poor that they couldn't afford to pay the fees of the school from where she was dismissed. But if her family can be so tortured, imagine what the poor ordinary man who goes to the police to file a complaint has to deal with.

Corruption goes hand in hand with violence, we should all try to stop it at its root by providing our security personnel with adequate income so that they don't have to supplement it with bribes.