September 29, 2011


Pranab Mukherjee and P Chidambaram on Thursday sought to put an end to the raging controversy over the finance ministry note on the 2G spectrum scandal with the finance minister distancing himself from the statement that sought to blame the home minister.
"Apart from the factual background the paper contains, certain inference and interpretations do not reflect my views," Mukherjee told reporters in the presence of Chidambaram after a day of hectic activities in the Congress camp to douse the fire.
Why is the Congress so aggressive in its defense of P Chidambaram?
Simple, Chidambaram is the last seawall preventing the tsunami of the 2G scam from inundating the prime minister.

Let me put forward an assertion at this point: Dr Subramanian Swamy is probably Dr Manmohan Singh's best friend in politics today. This may sound weird given the persistence with which Dr Swamy has pursued the 2G case for several years. But consider this, up until a short time ago even members of the Opposition conceded in private that the poor prime minister was untainted; today Dr Swamy is the only major political figure outside the Congress who might say so.
The UPA remains in damage control mode, trying to downplay the internal crisis sparked off by the controversial note on the 2G spectrum allocation.
Meanwhile, the BJP is scenting blood.
"The covering letter says the report has been seen by Pranab Mukherjee. The note was passed on from a lower bureaucrat to the minister. If it was been seen by the minister, it implies it has been approved by him," said Sushma Swaraj.The explanation only makes it tough for the prime minister and his office from here on.
Chidambaram must be dropped to face a thorough enquiry. Agencies like CBI, JPC, PAC and Hon'be Supreme Court should work in tandem to unravel the culprits for causing the huge loss to the Exchequer. PM, Sonia and the Congress should be thrown the dustbin forthwith for harming the Nation.
It has been now well established from their own records that chidambaran was clearly involved in infamous 2g-scam. He must be dropped or thrown away soon, else this whole upa shameless and corrupt govt.has to collapse .It has to collapse on its own wrong-doings and unethical/unlawful practices..This so-called weakest and incompetent prime minister needs to resign himself,before aam admi throw him/them.
DMK should immediately withdraw support to UPA because they dumped Raja and Kanimoji and are protecting P Chindabaram and MMS. Let there be an election--But DMK is afraid that BJP and AIDMK will come to power and punish DMK and Congress people.It is a game of chess--Congress knows this-so playing mischief BJP SHOULD SEE THAT PC AND MMS APPEAR IN COURT.
So far CBI has interrogated Sri Arun Shourie, Telecom Minister under NDA and jailed Raja and Kanimozhi of DMK, yet the Finance Minister, Chidambaram, who authorized all of Rajas shenanigans will not be questioned in 2G scam as per latest submission of CBI. CBI is rightly called Congress Bachao Investigation by Sushma ji! In the cash for votes, the main beneficiary of the votes scam that is Congress led UPA members are not even being questioned while the whistle blowers are in Tihar. Further She alleged that UPA was following a “ unique coalition dharma” where when a coalition partner is guilty he is trapped while a congress leader is guilty he is saved and moves shamelessly.
Though the party refused to comment on Pranab’s letter, Congress spokesman Abhishek Manu Singhvi defended Chidambaram saying that BJP was trying to mislead the people by demanding his resignation. Dismissing BJP’s charge against Chidambaram as “absolute cacophony”, he contended that the Finance Ministry note on the 2G issue cannot have any effect. He said that CBI cannot probe Chidambaram just because BJP was demanding. However, he seconded Prime Minister’s assessment that the people’s perception about the Government had declined.
Meanwhile, a section of the party is not happy with the manner the Government is conducting its business and complained that the lack of communication between the party and the Government had made their job of defending the Government difficult.
A senior Congress leader, on the condition of anonymity, cited the mishandling of 2G controversy, Anna Hazare and Ramdev issues by the Government and said that most of the time the party is not taken into confidence about the Government decisions and the logic behind the same.
Political Thiefs are of two types.Direct / action oriented thieves in the field and the latent thieves who work from behind. For the latter, their share will reach them after the entire burglary is complete. I think the second category thieves have the support of the PM & Sonia, which only shows their true color.
But what is all this flurry about?

It is no longer about A Raja alone. It is not even truly about P Chidambaram. It is about rescuing Dr Manmohan Singh.

Tailpiece: Some -- judging by the famous note -- seem to believe that there would have been no 2G scam had the Union finance ministry done its duty, and the Opposition is using that to insist the then finance minister's role be investigated.

Siddhartha Shankar Mishra,
Bureau Chief, IN-DHINO
Orissa, Sambalpur

September 27, 2011

A big relief to the mobile users

A Big end to the sms menace

EVERYONE HAS faced the irritating SMSes that take up unnecessary space in one's phone memory, and calls that disturbs one on a peaceful Sunday afternoon. Telecommunication companies have tried to curb spam messages and service calls, and nowadays people can bar such numbers but random calls and messages always have a habit of cropping up. Thus, in an attempt to limit these messages further, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has limited the number of SMS messages to 100 per person per day, and this directive will take effect from today.
Millions of mobile phone users will be able to get rid of the menace of unsolicited text messages (SMS) in six weeks when DND (do not disturb) number 1909 becomes operational, Telecom Minister Kapil Sibal said on Friday.
Mobile phone users can opt for not receiving text SMS in seven categories like real estate, credit cards, consumer durables, banking and finance by registering their number in National Do-Not-Call (NDNC) registry by calling or sending SMS to toll-free number 1909, he said in the Rajya Sabha.
"This will be in place in next six weeks," he said during Question Hour, adding users can opt for not receiving messages for any of the seven categories or all of these.
Once a number is registered, the server will block any unsolicited text message if a tele-marketer ties to send it.
"If you register, you would not get those messages," he said.
Short messaging services or SMS has become a way of life with most people in India, and indeed across the world. Students stuck in a boring class, executives in meeting, and even people at home use this service all the time. This habit has been taken advantage of by various mobile network companies who make a lot of money through their SMS packages, as SMS is something that everybody uses.
Nevertheless, if the limitation of 100 SMS is applied then a lot of protests would be heard from different parts of the community. There are businesses who take the help of SMS service to promote their work and the 100 SMS per day would incur losses for them. The Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI) are also not one with this grouse, as they say that on one hand they do want to curb the irritating communications that happen with random messages but on the same time they do not want to hamper the right to communicate of the customers. Keeping this in view they have asked the TRAI to take back the stipulation.
Due to the introduction of new schemes and offers almost every day by every other company to inveigled customers, marketing strategies and tactics become quintessential in heightening the performance of the companies. Ergo, prodigious sums of money are invested in marketing and publicity encompassing extensive amounts of attention and planning to come up with sui generis policies and strategies to give a conspicuous touch to the products. The desperation of the companies touches such a level, that they deploy anything and everything to capture the attention of the consumers.
From investing extravagant money to give advertisements and print hand bills and bill boards to disturbing the customers with annoying calls and text messages, the companies make sure to leave no stone unturned in publicizing the products. Needless to say, this is proving to be quite a menace for those at the receiving ends. Customers are flooded with calls and messages to notify about credit card deals, phone plans, real estate schemes and other offers that, more often than not, have no importance or use to them. While a few genuine notifications are always welcome to keep the customer updated, calling them for trivial issues just for the sake of marketing clearly point out the melancholic idiosyncrasies and unethical motives of the companies.
Accordingly , in order to get rid of these gadflies, I think, in the well-being of the consumers, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India needs to continuously monitor the marketing and publicity activities of the companies and takes necessary action against those complained about by the customers. The gravity of the issue should clearly be discerned and empathized; after all, it’s a matter of ethics, motives and modus operandi of the strategic-marketing industry of the country and the well-being of consumers.

Siddhartha Shankar mishra,
PH - +919937965779

September 25, 2011

Chindabaram in a faasco, especially Congress.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee met in New York on Sunday evening for the first time
after the 2G note controversy erupted.
Pranab refused to speak on the issue, saying the matter is sub judice and he would first speak to "valued colleague" P Chidambaram and other leaders.

The CBI’s duty is to enquire and investigate whenever the evidence of latest comes out. Already A.Raja, the first accused has already told the court that the Home Minister Chidambaram and PM Manmohan Sigh know much and they should be quest.

In a new twist in the 2G controversy, sources have told CNN-IBN that Home Minister P Chidambaram had offered to resign when Prime Minister Manmohan Singh called him. Sources say this prompted the prime minister to wholeheartedly back his home minister.
Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said he has full faith in Chidambaram during both his stints as finance and now home minister. He also made it clear that there was no rift between his senior most ministers and that the government was in no mood to give in to pressure from the Opposition.
The prime minister has chosen to downplay his meeting with Mukherjee in New York, saying there was nothing unusual in it.

Congress sources maintain that top leaders, including the prime minister, are likely to meet party president Sonia Gandhi, once the PM returns. Gandhi has directed her party members to maintain a united front in the face of opposition charges that there was a rift within the two top Congress ministers.

So, it is no surprise that All India Congress Committee general secretary Digvijay Singh, considered a Chidambaram-baiter, has come out in full support of the home minister, alleging he was being targeted by the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and saffron parties. The government and the Congress have been in a firefighting mode to save the multi-pronged attack on the UPA from both BJP and Left parties.

The president of AICC Sonia Gandhi also asked the entire Congress cadre behind the Chidambaram. What is this discrimination?

Can one feel the CBI is an independent body when we see the statements favor or in support of Chidambaram.

The same Congress party is silent on Chidambaram’s role in 2G Spectrum. They don’t show interest to open the mouth on Mukesh Ambani’s role in KG Basin’s report of CAG.

If we see all of this the CBI is definitely vindictive on some persons who are not interested by AICC President Sonia Gandhi or party elders.

One thing is evident that the PM Manmohan Singh has been made by the people from his own league to make way for the next prime ministerial candidate, Rahul Gandhi.
Raja informed the PM that both issuance of 121 new licenses and 35 dual technology licences, "were discussed with external affairs minister at length."

The late PM PV Narasimha Rao was always correct that if anything of like this happens, his comment was ‘law will take it’s own course’.

It is better to recollect the facts of Chidambaram in LIC and Andhra Bank episodes few years before.

Trouble began when an RTI note revealed that Pranab Mukherjee's ministry had written to the Prime Minister's Office saying that Chidambaram could have prevented the 2G scam.With a 1.76 lakh Rupees scam for which DMK Minister A. Raja is in jail, it was obvious from day one and more so after the Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Siungh admitted that he knew about the scam but had to keep quiet due to Coalition Dharma. What he meant was that the Congress also shared in the profits due to the scam and Raja was not the only beneficiary. The Congress since Indira Gandhi's days as Prime Minister, has been seeped in corruption. Remember, she was the one who, as Prime Minister made the statement "Corruption is a global phenomenon". After this, anyone being accused of corruption, gave the same excuse, justifying their being corrupt. All this money is in Swiss Banks. It is brought out during elections for expenditure in excess of what the Election Commission permits and to bribe the voters. Also remember the Rs. 65 lakhs withdrawn around election time, from State Bank of India, 4 decades ago, which got exposed in the Press. .All the three witnesses, the Cashier at SBI Branch from where the money was withdrawn, the person who withdrew the money on Smt. Gandhi's behalf and the driver of the car who took this person to the SBI Branch...all three died in mysterious circumstances. Why do you think the Congress is not serious about getting back the black money stashed abroad while other Governments in the world are putting pressure on Swiss Banks to expose the names of those holding accounts in the Swiss Banks? Money paid by Bofors, HDW, HInduja, UNION CARBIDE etc. etc. etc., to the Congress is all stashed in Swiss Banks. Wonder if Sonia Gandhi's secret visit out of the country, on grounds of treatment, saying it is a private matter, was really to reconcile accounts in the Swiss Banks and ensure they did not come out in the open. Rajiv Gandhi's name already appears in the list along with Sharad Pawar and several others. !!!

With Additional Inputs from PTI

Amm Admi affected by the price hike

IF YOU have, or are planning to, fill a full tank of petrol in your vehicle today, then you will have to pay Rs 3.14 per litre extra. Various state-owned oil firms, after a meeting in Mumbai, had demanded a hike in the price of petrol, to cover for past and current losses, as the price of international crude oil continues to increase. One of the main reasons for asking for a hike was the appreciation pf the ruppe against the dollar.

It is the common man, who is going to be badly hit, by the latest installment of the hike in petrol price levied by the government. It is not a big surprise that car owners are turning towards CNG, which is comparatively cheaper. The queues outside the CNG gas stations is testimonial to this trend. As usual, the opposition party had protested against the hike.
With the hike in the price of petrol, it will now be available in Delhi at a cost of Rs 66.84 per litre against the old price of 63.70, which was already pinching all clases of society. As far as prices are concerned, after the hike, Delhi will still be the cheapest city compared to other major cities as far as petrol price is concerned - because adjusted with new price, petrol will now be available in Kolkata at (Rs 71.15, new price), Mumbai (Rs71.76), Chennai (Rs 70.64) and it is expensive at Bangalore (Rs 74.50).
Petrol price hikes take place regularly, and disappoint the ‘aam aadmi’. It was in the month of May, that the last hike in petrol prices took place the last time. It was increased by Rs 5 in May.

A huge scam is in the making in the Indian power sector

THIS IS what the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) has found in a study conducted by them. Chandra Bhushan, CSE’s deputy director general, claimed that unprecedented scale of clearances have been given by the Ministry of Environment (MoE) to industrial projects in the last five years. He adds that 267 thermal power plants, 200 coal-based thermal power plants, 181 coal mines, have been accorded clearance. This enormous splurge has led to a doubling of capacity in almost all sectors. However, almost all of this capacity remains unutilized.

The 11th Five Year Plan projects a revised target of 50,000 MW of additional thermal power capacity whereas the 12th plan asks for 100,000 MW. In the past five years, till August 2011, MoE has granted environmental clearance to an astounding 210,000 MW of thermal power capacity. In simple words this means that clearances for 60,000 MW more than what has been proposed till 2017 have already been given.
Coal India Limited (CIL) produces over 90 per cent of India’s coal with a control over 200,000 hectare acre of mine lease, including 55,000 hectare acre of forest area. The estimated coal reserves with CIL are 64 billion tones, and the company produces 500 million tons per annum.

CSE study claims that coal mining clearances just another way to facilitate access to captive coal mining by private companies. Today, many private companies have got coal mines, but have not started production. While the coal ministry has warned some companies to immediately develop their mines or face de-allocation, the minister of coal is on record demanding that environmental clearances be removed so that coal production is not jeopardised.
Chandra Bhushan wonders why the ministry is giving so many clearances. Why projects that are already are cleared not being implemented first before more clearances can be given? Is this some kind of a new scam to take over the land and water of the people?”
Many projects have been granted clearances in already critically polluted areas such as Singrauli, Korba, Raigadh and Hazaribagh. Says Bhushan: “Currently, all projects are cleared individually, without once assessing the cumulative impact on the region or district. It is clear that once operational, these projects will make life hell for the people and the environment.”

In the case of coal-based thermal power projects, of the top 10 districts where environmental clearance has been granted to these projects, six were declared as already critically polluted.

September 24, 2011

Govt Policy a a set back

THE BLACK money in foreign banks pains the honest and patriotic person but gladdens the hearts of the dishonest men and women who find an opening for making more money without paying taxes. The episodes of this nature have been in the eye of the public storm for a long time. Since the politicians of all shades and bureaucrats of all hues are beneficiaries of dishonesty, the common man is convinced that large sums of Indian money taken out of Bharat illegally and stashed in foreign banks would continue to be there till eternity to be used by the tribe of the dishonest comprising Who is Who in India. If that is the case, should some legal luminaries like Ram Jethmalani even make an effort to highlight the case to bring the Indian money back in India. The answer is a big YES because what belongs to Ram must be returned to Ram. No law on planet Earth entitles a mantri or a sentry to rob Peter to pay Paul.

Dr Manmohan Singh is the Prime Minister of India and he has been announcing from house tops that he would not let dishonesty have the better of Honesty. And yet it is the other way round that the wheel of money is moving. Manmohan is a man of money who knows all about it except how to bring the black money home. He says that international treaties prevent him and the government from making names of depositors of the black money public. Even the proddings by the Supreme Court have gone in vain. The public perception is that names of bigwigs figure in the list of depositors of the black money and our friend, meek Manmohan is bending backwards to throw the veil of secrecy over their names. The legal luminaries are not convinced that making the names of "plunderers of public money" public would harm national interests.
NAMES IN PUBLIC DOMAINIt is from authentic sources that a large number of names of those who plundered their own country has been listed by an ex-bank official of Germany where the black money was deposited and now the plea of violating treaty obligations becomes meaningless. The government in New Delhi is hiding behind a thin veil where its nude body stands exposed in its detestible curves. Thus even the fig leaf is gone and the government stands in the nude fully exposed to the prying eyes of the world.It would be in the fitness of things for friends and foes in the government to make a clean breast of it and instil some degree of confidence in the common man in India whose morale is in the boots.
The Sanskrit saying is "Yatha Raja Tatha Praja", and that means the common folks would shape their personality as per the personality of the King or the ruler. I am sad to say that in the present case, there is not much to write home about regarding personality of the so called king who is a thief stealing money from his own national exchequer; who is a liar making false statements to confuse his own people and who is out to save his own skin at the cost of the country.Loyalty is a two-way traffic. If the citizens are asked to be loyal to the King, the King should be equally loyal to the country and its citizens. In the present democratic system, the elected legislators and ministers perform duties of the King and must show loyalty to country. Loyalty begets loyalty. In order to protect some bigwigs who have plundered the country, the elected ministers must not join the criminals and become plunderers themselves.It is a pity that our prime minister is not an elected representative of the people but one who was nominated by a powerful coterie to the upper House of our Parliament. So, his loyalty is to the plundering group. Manmohan Singh is pained when allegations of being a party to corruption is made against him. He pleaded to the people and politicians not to call him corrupt. Fine. Nevertheless, no one can deny that he sat like Dhritrashtra when ministers of his own cabinet were swindling andcheating the country to amass personal wealth and possibly to stash the black money in foreign banks. Alas! Common man bears the brunt when rising food prices and double digit inflation hit him hard and he knows not what to do but curse those who made the rich richer and the poor poorer.

September 23, 2011

Narendra Modi's victory

STATING THAT his government overcame setbacks, Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi today started his sadbhavna fast. Modi also stated that the Supreme Court’s ruling will set an example not just in the sub-continent but also in the world for the exemplary governance model it has set. Keeping controversies at bay, Modi said that his fast is not against anyone, that will never be his agenda. Just like the world praises Gujarat's model for development and governance, that day is not far when people will discuss the state's model for inclusive growth and communal harmony.

The statements were made by the Gujarat CM as the hysterical crowd cheered for him at Gujarat University’s campus in the state capital, Ahmedabad. Modi further went on to state that he can say it with pride that they want to move ahead and give something back to the nation. A state like Gujarat can pull another state which is not so developed. Gujarat has the strength and the capability.
Supporting Modi in his fast also included Punjab CM Prakash Singh Badal and Tamil Nadu CM J. Jayalaithaa who extended her support by sending some of her MP’s to the fasting venue.
However, the act did not please some leaders. Ram Vilas Paswan of Lok Janshakti Party (LJP) said that all these are political stunts and drama by Modi to improve his candidature for Prime Ministership. While the Supreme Court has transferred his case to a lower court in the state, Mr. Modi is trying to project his so-called secular image with these political gimmicks.

GUJARAT CHIEF Minister Narendra Modi can breathe easy now, at least for the time being. The Supreme Court on Monday directed the trial court in Ahmedabad to argue whether the BJP leader Modi be indicted for his alleged involvement in the 2002 Gujarat riots. The decision from the trial court in Ahmedabad is awaited. However, another shocker came for Congress MP Zakia Jafri who alleged that apart from Modi, 62 other high-ranking government officials were involved in not letting the riots subdue. The apex court further ruled that it will not play any part while hearing Jafri’s petition.

The decision by the court was lauded by the top brass of the BJP, with senior leaders going on to say express their joy on all available platforms including social networking sites. Sushma Swaraj tweeted that Modi had passed an agnipareeksha and satyameva jayate … after years truth has won a victory.
Apart from BJP leaders who heaped praise on Modi, others included Teesta Setalvad and her NGO who went on the records stating that the ruling has come as a victory for the Modi led government. She was quoted saying that the Supreme Court order is far from a clean chit to Modi. We have confidence in the system in the country. The trial court in Gujarat works under the supervision of the Supreme Court, this trial will be monitored by the Supreme Court.
However, members from the ruling Congress party seem quite miffed after the ruling came out. Jafri was quoted saying by a leading Indian daily that she had been waiting with anticipation for the Supreme Court's verdict. I thought I would be pleased after the court announces its decision but that isn't so. The court has not taken the right decision.

'It is not just a relief for Modi, but a victory for Modi,' BJP spokesperson Balbir K. Punj told reporters here.
The apex court order came after a petition filed by Zakia Jafri, the widow of Ehasan Jafri, urging a probe into Modi's role in the Gulberg society carnage and the trial of the case by a special court outside the state.
Punj said Modi will now 'play a much larger role in the national political scene'.
He said at no stage did the party believe Modi was involved in the riots.
Another party spokesperson Prakash Javdekar said leader of opposition in the Rajya Sabha and former law minister Arun Jaitley will give a detailed briefing about the verdict in the afternoon.
The Supreme Court Monday directed a trial court to hear the petition by Zakia Jafri, widow of former MP Ehsan Jafri who was killed in the Gulberg Society carnage during the 2002 riots, against Modi.

Overlooking the Gujarat riots and taking no concrete steps to curb the holocaust by the incumbent Government and its so-called machinery, is itself enough evidence to substantiate the culpability of the then head of state and their connivance in this matter. However, with due respect, our Indian Laws & judiciary is not competent enough to indict & punish the offender as fast as American & European Courts function. Consequently, JUSTICE DELAYED AND JUSTICE DENIED !
Due to its poor policies, even after the huge production of the grains millions of peoples are starving in india and more than 1200 people including child women men are in the death race will the government own responsibility? riots are the instant reaction of the public it is justificabel but the poor policies of the government in public distribution system and people more than dying.
Sikh Massacre. Burning kids with burning tyres. And congis still lick the rearside of likes of tytler. Over 4000 Sikhs killed and hardly any one charged. Shame.

please do not speak about congress in this matter. As people had died in both the clashes Goghra & Anti Sikh riots still you can see Sonia Gandhi had apologised in public and she made A efficient sikh Prime minister who is longesting serving prime minister of india. Can you expect this from any other party. How insane any one can become tellmewhat party or qualities you are asking who was MODI before GODHRA who was Varun Gandhi before that hatred speech who was Advani before the Babri Demolition. These Leaders wants torule through the same formula of HITLER incite majority aganist minority. Who in this world if he is human will kill a pregnant Lady and kill her child in the womb, such person can be HITLER only. A leader of a Secular And democratic country should possess some qualities to run and administer a government. So please wake up.

feel sad -why can we not live nicely. The political parties are responsible for all these riots -some way or other -they are linked. These political parties -fanning communal feeling -at the same time try to appease the minorities -for vote only. Every party Congress,CPI (M),CPI,BJP -every body -they should do little bit introspection.

Hell is real. When accused say that God is Great the natural inference would be the Apex Court verdict is the futile exercise of intellectual dishonesty and the findings are the judicial fraud upon the nation that absolutely does match each other. The fruits reaped are the product of economic and political corruption of the system.

Yes. God is Great. The truth will come out one day. Modi is clean or not God will show to us surely. You are not still clean Mr. Modi. Wait for trial court decision and God's judgement.

September 21, 2011

Stir at Medical colleges In Orissa esp VSS MEDICAL COLEGE

With the ongoing strike by medicos worsening by days, junior doctors here on Saturday alleged that the State government continued to overlook their security concerns.
VSS Junior Doctors Association on Monday insisted that Dandia must be booked under the National Security Act (NSA) as a precondition to end their agitation that entered its 15th day.
The development came even as the government has raised bamboo barricades and has decided to reopen the VSS Medical College amid tight security on Tuesday.
"The government has been misleading us that Dandia can't be booked under NSA. He must be booked because he is preventing an entire government hospital from functioning," said Dr Premaraj Debata, president of VSS Junior Doctors' Association.
Despite the announcement made by the Odisha government on Sunday to open the VSS Medical College and Hospital in Burla that was declared sine die on September 20, the striking medicos sought a written assurance on provision of tight security measures in all three premiere medical colleges and hospital in the state.
However, the medicos urged the state government to give a written assurance on its decision, stating that the agitation would be resumed in case the government did not act accordingly.
However, the Joint Action Committee (JAC) would take the decision on the future course of action, they said.
The weeklong agitation in the three medical colleges in Cuttack, Berhampur and Burla has paralyzed health services much to the pitiable plight of the patients.
As the two-day meeting between the state government and the agitating students starting from Friday failed without any tangible result with both sides remaining adamant over their stands, health and family welfare minister Prasanna Acharya on Sunday announced a series of measures including lifting of the sine-die to open the Burla Medical College on September 20 in a bid to bring back normalcy in all three campuses.
The medicos are on agitation demanding adequate security at the VSS Medical College and Hospital, securing the campus with a boundary, removal of encroachments and strong action against the alleged perpetrators who assaulted the Jr doctors at Burla in the second week of September by reopening the case, withdrawal of all cases against the medical students and regularization of their attendance.
The Burla Medial College was closed sine-die following clash between the Jr doctors and locals of Burla, particularly supporters of one Sisir Kumar Dandia, president of the local unit of BJD who is the principal accused in the assault case and along with his local goons are creating a situation of panic and horrific situation for the doctors and the patients. This is a alarming situation. Junior doctors demanded that anti-social elements involved in assault case should be booked under stringent National Security Act and campus security should be tightened. And supporting the cause of their friends, the medicos at the SCB Medial College and Hospital, Cuttack and MKCG Medical College and Hospital, Berhampur have also resorted to cease-work for the last one week almost paralyzing health services in the three premier health service institutions.
Agitating junior doctors of three Medical Colleges of Orissa today intensified their stir by starting hunger strike.
They started hunger strike as the govt. is not listening to their demands.

"There is no question of ending the agitation as our demands are yet to be met. The person who attacked the medios at Burla has not been arrested and booked under NSA," said Junior Doctor Association (JDA) secretary Nilamadhav Prusti.

Their strike today reached the sixth day. Following strike by House Surgeons, junior doctors and PG students of the three medical colleges at Cuttack, Burla and Berhampur, patient-care has been derailed putting thousands of patients and their attendants to misery.

As per sources, the state Health Minister is not hearing and paying no heed to their demands as the person who attacked the medical students belongs to BJD and once upon a time he was the MP nominee for the minister.

September 19, 2011

Legal aspect on living relationship

Legal aspect on live in Relationship

There is no legal bar in India for women and men staying together,as it is matter of two consenting adults and live -in relationship is not socially accepted in India and still considered as taboo and sin.No one will give house for rent to couple , unless they are convinced that couple is legally married or unless they mislead the house owners that they are married.

The Supreme Court : Law and morality

The Supreme Court of India ; bench consisting of Chief Justice K G Balakrishnan, Deepak Verma and B S Chauhan in actress kushboo case said "When two adult people want to live together, what is the offence. Does it amount to an offence? Living together is not an offence.It cannot be an offence,"The court opined according to Indian Mythology even Krishna and Radha lived together."[1] “Please tell us what the offence is and which section of law applies?”The apex court also cited Article 21 of the part -III of the Constitution of India,which expressly guaranteed the right to life with dignity, liberty and respect, and court also stressed that the perceived immorality by a few protagonists of morality cannot be branded as offence.."The major girl is free to marry any one and she can live with any one ",The live-in relationship between two consenting adults does not amount any offence ,which is heterosexual in nature [which is contrary to Adultery ,which is offence under Indian Penal code 1872][2],The Kusbhoo case will be known for upholding of freedom of expression ,free speech ,individual rights ,she has right to express her views on any subject within parameters of law.The supreme court did not any fault with her views,opined she has right to express her opinion.

Later ,Justice Balakrishnan criticized media for making the issue of his remarks about Radha-Krishna relationship,when Hindus opined Krishna was just 10 yrs,when he left virdavan , how can child can have sexual relation at such young age,more over it wrong comparison,devoid of merits,but said observation about per-marital sex,sparked intense debate ,whether Supreme Court is endorsing Pre-marital sex and relationship out of wedlock.Whether it is legalizing bigamy and extra -marital relations?

In 2001 ,Payal Sharma Vs Superintendent, Nari Niketan and others case,the Allahabad High Court , the bench consisting of Justice Markandeya Katju & Justice R B Mishra held that ’In our opinion, a man and a woman, even without getting married, can live together if they wish to. This may be regarded as immoral by society, but is not illegal. There is a difference between law and morality.”
Traditional &Customary view point :

The most hardcore moralist and traditional Hindus criticized the said observation ,there were of view that it will damage the institution of marriage and encourage extra-marital relationship and casual sexual relationship ,out of wedlock ,which will dilute the concept of holy marriage or scared union .which will cause damage to the age old -family values practiced by Hindus since time immemorial.They are of view that losing virginity is sin as per customary law ,in Mythology Kunti abounded Karna ,because he was born out of wedlock.The Rama is ideal husband and Sita is ideal wife.
Many are of view that if live-in relationship is encouraged ,it will increase Teenage&child pregnancy,HIV,children born out of wedlock may be not properly brought,which will lead to juvenile delinquency.It will have adverse impact on the society.
The fact is that Hindu Marriage laws are no more religious law or customary law ,it has assumed secular character after codification in 1956.The Hindu marriage act 1956 is also applicable to Sikhs,Buddhist and jains.

Liberal view point :

Most liberal thinkers opined that ,it is progressive pronouncement by the apex court ,at last the court in-deed ,accepted the concept of dating ,which is prevailing in cities and towns and it is reality that most young dating couples are entering into live-in relationship to test their compatibility to each other ,the cohabitation will allow them to understand each other well ,which will help them to take decision for permanent commitment through legal marriage and legalize relationship by entering into legally valid marriage.It is better opt for live-in relationship than going for divorce,this is basic logic of live-in relationship in western countries.This purely western concept of relationship based individualism ,primary motive is more freedom,monetary independence ,non-interference of their personal affairs and career.

Many are of view that If the live -in relationship is recognised by the courts , they can get alimony[maintenance] and other benefits like legal accepted marriage "it will give protection to dating couples like maintenance[alimony],domestic violence [PHYSICAL, MENTAL , SEXUAL ABUSE &ECONOMIC] as progressive legislation like The Protection of Women from Domestic violence Act , 2005 had , in fact , recognised the concept of live-in relationship and aggrieved women of such relationship is entitled for relief on par with legally wedded wife.

What is Definition of Live -in Relationship :

What is live -in relationship, whether mutual cohabitation,whether one night -stand of ,one weekend or one month or one year cohabitation amounts to live -in relationship , in a given case ,if man and women cohabit for a week for dating purpose ,then they parted ways after a week ,if women files case for maintenance ,whether women is entitled for maintenance or not,in such cases, courts were of opinion that it does not recognize "walk in -walk out" type of live-in relationship,said relationship should be for a long period of time marriage like commitment only such relationship are legally recognize for awarding relief under law.

Legal definition of Live-in Relationship:

The Supreme Court said in Patchalammal case , not all live- in relationship is recognized ,relationship in nature of marriage are only recognized.The court opined that merely spending few weekend or one night stand would not make domestic relationship ,while disposing case filed under protection of women from Domestic violence Act 2005.

There four key requirement to fulfill the criteria of live-in relationship
1. Legal age to marry,
2. Qualify to enter legal marriage
3. Must be unmarried
4. Voluntary cohabitation should be for considerable period of time

Advantages of Live-in Relationship

1. Freedom,convenience, and no restrictions or no commitment on each other, based on concept of protecting individuality ,western concept of individualism,no domination on each other, non interference in their personal activities and career.
2. Easy to enter into relationship ,without any formalities or unlike customary rites like spathapadhi or kanya- dhan or mangalsutra dharan,no dowry or jewelry for traditional marriage.
3. No need to spend huge money on engagement and marriage ceremony
4. Easy to break with no legal hassles.
5. Easy to enter another relationship ,unlike in normal marriages,couple has to face arduous and protracted litigation to get divorce and wait for notice ,then re-marry.

Disadvantages of Live- in Relationship:
1. Not a legally recognised relationship.
2. Faces social problems.
3. No support from family& bound to get isolated in social circles.
4. Children born out of live-in relationship faces problems.
5. Insecurity &Threat of breaking, bound to haunt couples.
6. Tussle between legal wife&her children and live -in spouse &her children born out of live -relationship,disputes of inheritance of property and money may end up in courts.More scope for legal problems due to non- acceptance of live -in relationship by existing legally wedded wife ,especially in bigamous relationship.

Live in Relationship &Social acceptance :
Many opined that there are many successful living examples of live- in relationship,moreover, we can say successful long term commitment to each other is important ,which are prevalent in higher classes in urban educated class society and such relationship does not harm the institution of marriage ,even there are examples of unsuccessful arranged marriage with excellent horoscopic match,which are leading to divorce.The Live-in relationship will co-exists with legal marriages.The India ,being plural society will accept live-in relationship ,if they are accepting gay relationship.There is demand to decriminalize 377 IPC and the Delhi High Court in Naaz foundation ,opined that time has come to decriminalize 377 IPC,social deviant gay relationship,this issue is pending with Supreme Court of India.

The Courts do not exists for Moral policing :
It is a illusion say that supreme Court has given green signal to pre-marital sex or sex out of wedlock ,it has only accepted fact,this trend is widely prevalent among higher class and upper middle class youngsters in the urban society and second marriage /relationship out of wed lock is prevalent in urban and rural societies ,they should be legally recognise for giving relief in case of abuse of said relationship,because in these cases ,the women will be at receiving end ,needs legal protection against abuse.
The Supreme Court recently held that children born to second wife are not only entitle for maintenance ,but also share in the ancestral property,whether we can construe that said judgment will encourage the bigamy.It is only accepting the fact that second marriage is widely prevalent and exits in society and court have to render them equitable justice,on par with legal marital relationship .It will be grave injustice to victims of illicit relationship and children ,if supreme Court refuses to accept the cases of maintenance,alimony , inheritance merely because ,the second marriage [with living spouse &earlier marriage not legally dissolved] is criminal offence under the provision of Indian Penal Code,1872.
Conclusion :

The courts do not exists for any moral policing or imposes its choice on people ,it up to people to chose between live -n relationship and customary marriages [legal] relationship to save their own self interest.The court 's duty is to render justice to the aggrieved person.The people are matured in -enough to make choice between marriage and live -in relationship.Many traditionalist believe that youngsters are losing values ,progressive people view it has pragmatism ,as we have entered into information age.Even live-relationship is not morally accepted in the society and still considered sin.But relationship has become a reality and emerging trend in the urban areas among educated and higher classes even though it is by-product of western,consumerist and materialistic culture ,needs to be recognise for the purpose of according legal protection from the abuse.The society can not deprive their rights on the ground of protecting social morality and the issue of remedy for violation of their rights should be accorded at- most importance.The Hindu marriage Act 1956 is secular act,bound to change ,according to needs of the society.The various judgements of the courts speaks that the law needs to change,according to changing circumstances and societal perceptions.

References :
1. S. Khushboo .V Kanniammal ,CRIMINAL APPEAL NO. 913 of 2010 [Arising out of SLP (Crl.) No. 4010 of 2008] (2010) 5 SCC 600 Supreme Court quashed all 22 cases filed against her under section 499 ,504 ,505 IPC for her remarks about pre-marital sex.
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